OK, I’m A Bad Blogger This Week

I’ve almost completely ignored the Troopathon. Timing was bad (we did a huge demo with four other organizations in from of state officials yesterday) but so what; timing is never good, and this week neither was I.

It’s almost over, and I’m asking – begging – that you consider renting a movie tonight instead of seeing Transformers and buy a care package for the troops.

If you don’t like the politics of the people organizing this, remember that they don’t get the money or goods – the troops do. And if you can’t get past that, please go sign up for Soldier’s Angels. Through them, I send magazines, beef jerky, and M & M’s to a soldier doing police training in Baghdad – it’s almost free, gets rid of the old magazines I’d just recycle, and reminds him that at least one household Stateside remembers what he’s doing and gives a damn.

Because really, what you’re doing with your $30 is just that. Giving an American soldier half of hour of ‘Recherche de Temps Perdu’ reminders of what it smells and tastes like to be home, and reminding them that while they are sleeping under foreign stars, someone at home is proud of them, wishes them well, and – to be blunt – gives some small kind of a damn.

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