“Limitless” Power

From the Zaman Daily News (hat tip to Harry):

The World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) composed of various international non-governmental organizations, academics, including professors of law, lawyers and judges have found US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair guilty of the war in Iraq. [ed. – they say this like it’s a bad thing…]

Bush and Blair were found guilty on the following charges:

Primary charges in symbolic verdict

Planning an aggressive war and implementation by violating the United Nations (UN) Convention and the Nuremberg Principles

Targeting Iraqi people and the infrastructure of Iraqi society, using limitless power and arms

Implementing fatal violence against peaceful demonstrators

Implementing torture and ill-treatment on Iraqi soldiers and civilians

Willful destruction of the environment during clashes

Obstructing the right of information and censoring of the media.

(emphasis mine)

As I said before:

Because on some basic level, we assume that we’re the TV cowboy, and that the bad guys can fire all the bullets they want and the only thing that will happen is that our authentic Western sidekick will get a hole in his hat. They assume that we’re omnipotent and omniscient.