Commenter Ziska writes: The guerrilla

Commenter Ziska writes:

The guerrilla war/ terrorism distinction escapes me. The difference, as far as I know, is that you can have terrorism without guerrilla warfare (mostly because you can’t manage guerrila war) but that you seldom have guerrilla warfare without terrorism.

Well, you’ve got part of it. Terrorist tactics are a subset of guerilla tactics, but applied without the military discipline or tactical and strategic intent. Typically guerilla tactics will focus on the actual forces of the opponents…in this case, it would be Israeli military outposts, reservists staging areas, etc….while what we are seeing is attacks against photogenic targets of opportunity. In my mind, there’s a significant difference in the moral standing of the two, as noted in my post earlier.

I’m not at all convinced that non-violence would work in Israel/Palestine, or that it worked in India, or that it worked anywhere. There was also a violent resistance in India, and England had many practical reasons to exit.

You’re kidding, right? As long as the Indian Revolt was violent, supressing it maintained huge support in England, despite the fact that colonies were simply no longer economically viable. If tyou read the contemporary accounts, it was Gandhi’s campaign which unlocked the English opposition, and allowed them to move to the center of the political stage.

One form of “moral parity” that I would argue is that if a tactic being used by some present insurgent group was also used by some successful insurgent group in the past, one that has been admitted to the family of nations such as Ireland, Israel, and Algeria, then we must find some additional reason for denouncing the present-day group. Not just because of the tactic.

Again, I’ll suggest that you review your history. My late father-in-law fought with the French in Algeria (as well as Indochina), and he and I had a number of discussions about both, and about the tactics used by and against the French in both cases. Terror was used by the FLN against the Pied-Noir leadership, and to enforce discipline and secrecy within the FLN (and doubtless to purge the occasional political rival within the FLN) but primarily it was a straight-ahead guerilla war against the French military itself. Ireland waged war primarily against the British colonial apparatus (including the tax-collectors) and the much-hated landlord class.


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