Unlike everyone else who blogs, I’m obsessive about my referrer logs. I tend not to look a the counters too much (when gambling, I seldom count the pot either), but I’m always interested in where people came from, and make it a point to go look at websites that send me traffic. There are a few odd ones…someone keeps going to the Shonen Knife fan website, then here…you know who you are!…and the search hits are always funny. “buy vicodan online” is a big one, along with “Enron + smoking crack”.
So I’ve gotten a few hits from http://courseofthought.blogspot.com, and I go over there today. jenni b is a tough chick alright, and somehow I get this great strong sense of personality from her bio, which I enjoyed immensely. Part of it:

i studied engineering (electrical and mechanical) at the university of colorado. took a job as a civil engineer with the state, designing highways. after a couple years the boredom was to much to handle so i moved to san francisco to see what the leather crowd was up to out there. i starved as an artist so gave that up. i drove trucks otr but got home sick. i designed handicap mobility equipment but was put out of business by the irs. i spent a few years as a thief but knew my luck would eventually run out and i don’t like jail. now i run an auto parts store but not for much longer.

One interesting this about this whole blogging phenomenon is that I encounter all kind of people I’d love to sit down and have a few beers with but would never otherwise hear about. She’s a libertarian lesbian bottom Harley rider, I’m a liberal straight vanilla sportbike rider, and it’s just not too damn likely that we hang in the same social circles.
Forgive me if this sounds sappy, but there are voices out there folks, a great chorus of different voices, and when you listen to the song we’re all singing…well, to me, the song sounds sort of like America.