Talk About Your South Park Republicans

You know, those Powerline guys lead more interesting lives than I’d imagined…

National Review Online kindly invited me to participate in its “Women we love” symposium in honor of Valentine’s Day. After getting clearance from my wife and her husband, I wrote about Star Tribune metro columnist Katherine Kersten. The ladies weigh in with “Men we love.”

[emphasis added – A.L.]

5 thoughts on “Talk About Your South Park Republicans”

  1. When my ex remarried, I always referred to him as my “husband-in-law”. But given the precision of language used by lawyers, I can only assume he meant what he said. And I don’t really want to know any more.

  2. I think “her husband” was meant to refer to Katherine Kersten’s husband (but I had to read it a couple of times before it clicked).

    But yes, while we Minnesotans do lead interesting lives, spouse swapping seems to be more of a cheese-head thing.

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