7 thoughts on “The Brutal[ly Funny] Truth About Iraq”

  1. It would be funny, if it were true. It is not. These scumbags have killed or maimed tens of thousands of American service members. Nothing funny about it.

  2. Subtitling jokes are -always- funny. (Hey, you try subtitling something, you’ll come to welcome some humor to relieve the tedium too!)

  3. I do not find them frightening. I am not the one pushing fear, hatred and intimidation. I am not the one invoking 9/11 and the “terroists who want to kill us” everytime I speak in front of the nation.
    I do find them to be a serious threat to our troops, which they are. “Finding them funny” is not going to win it for us A.L. A good plan will.

  4. A.L.:

    I think Instapundit linked to this back in December. Hilarious, though. We can laugh. They can’t.

    Incidentally, my Jordanian roommate told me that one of the most popular shows in Jordan is the Gong Show (reruns). People don’t laugh though. It’s unseemly to laugh so they just sit stoically watching (giggling uncontrollably inside, I’m sure).

    Go Patriots! (Fat chance against UConn, I know, but miracles happen sometimes.)

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