The Grace Lee Project

Sorry for the light posting; I’m stepping between projects plus we’re doing a small remodel, and somehow the hours are just blurring by.

I’m working on a post concerning my favorite topic – the war and our views of it – and will try and get it done and up by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Tenacious G (my lovely and tolerant wife) was Grace Lee before we married. She was in turn contacted by another woman named Grace Lee, who is a filmmaker, who did a documentary on women named Grace Lee, called imaginatively enough “The Grace Lee Project“.

I haven’t seen it yet, but will this Saturday night. It’s playing at the Laemmle Theater on Beverly near Fairfax for a few days starting this Friday.

From the website and reviews, it’s an interesting contemplation of Asian-American women’s identity, and an introduction to some incredible women – including, briefly, Tenacious G.

One thought on “The Grace Lee Project”

  1. I had an absolutely unpleasant experience with a woman called Grace Liu, instead. But she just came to Britain after a lifetime in China.

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