Hiltzik Replies

here, and I’m gobsmacked.

First, the notion that he’d smugly accuse Patrick of a “ragegasm” – given the overall tone and affect of his writing on his blog and column, as well as the comments he (in all his personae) have left.

But given that he stole the idea from TBogg – given what TBogg does for a living (I’m not going into that here) is precious and amusing.

But if you need evidence that Hiltzik just doesn’t get it … as I suggested earlier … “it” being the notion of respectful dialog with your audience with the intention of everyone walking away more informed – just go read his post.

And make sure to enjoy the comments he’s getting.

14 thoughts on “Hiltzik Replies”

  1. I’m not sure what you are complaining about. His apology is good, it is great, it is the best thing since sliced bread.

  2. “Ragegasm” is not funny. To the eye, it looks like the sound of a cat vomiting.

    The guy who left the second comment (“Well, if someone starts leaving comments as “MrStrawMan,” we’ll know who it is.”) – now that guy is pretty funny.

  3. Otis Chandler’s ashes are churning with the Channel Island’s whales.

    How long will it be before the Spring Street MORONS “GET IT?”

    And we thought Michael Kinsley was bad?????


  4. I have to agree with that Mike Koji fellow, above. Not only is he correct, as usual, but he’s handsome, rich and powerful.

  5. I like the comment from Tom Maguire.

    On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog.

    However, folks can generally discern a horse’s rear area.

  6. Oh dear!

    “The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.”

    Apparently Hitliks “oh-so-clever” spin, wherein he attempts to bury his adolescent sock puppet behavior in a tedious monologue defending the use of psuedonyms isn’t… going… so… well.

    There it is, folks: a journalist for a leading newspaper is an arrogant adolescent windbags who thinks his readers are so completely stupid that he can manipulate us with clever composition.

    I wish that I believed him to be the exception and not the rule.

  7. Long story about John Lott. Here’s a “decent summary.”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Lott I commend your attention to the section on his secret life as “Mary Rosh.”

    AL, you’re right. I’m stunned, too. I mean, I’ve seen some weird stuff go down in the 4+ years I’ve been in the blogosphere, and this guy is at least in the top five. We’re nothing but an audience to him, are we? Nothing at all.

  8. What John Lott did was not comparable to Hiltzik’s behavior because Lott’s comments on Usenet and such were not themselves his professional output.

    That said, and while I think Patterico’s expose of him appropriate, if you want to see what such attacks go beyond the line, Lambert’s obsession makes a good reference point. Just measure about 300 yards behind him to see where the line usually hangs around.

  9. A fake is a fake is a fake. The Hiltzik, Mikekoshi, Nofanofcablecos identities are phoney. Everything he/they says is a sham, because the person saying it is.

    His/their anger is a sham. A lifetime of snark, of pretending to be a super brain, has been a sham. All the fake identities’ protestations are a sham. Even his/their logging in is a sham.

    And for anyone who’s examined Patterico’s prosecution fairly, the sham is kaput.

    There’s no story about how Hiltzik, Mikekoshi, Nofanofcablecos reacted. This is just the bluster of fake people (which I’ve encountered before), trying to make exposure of the truth unpleasant, because if the truth isn’t discounted, then they the fakes obviously should be.

    It’s not about a particular incident. It’s about people who prefer to be lies, manipulative fictions, if they think they can get away with it.

    Fake people should be discounted, pervasively and permanently. Hiltzik, Mikekoshi, Nofanofcablecos is – I was going to say one, but it’s not “one” it’s a zero. That’s all.

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