Creative! Great Spam Names

Every few days, I go through my spam filters to make sure nothing important is in there, and to ‘train’ the Baysean filters at MailSift.

There’s one spammer – or a spam package – that appends amusing names as FirstName MI LastName. Like ‘Rufus T. Firefly’. I get a small amount of entertainment out of the names, which amuses me as I think of new ways to torture the spammer to death – slowly. Very slowly.

Today, I found the best name to date. Meet ‘Contused H. Latina.’

2 thoughts on “Creative! Great Spam Names”

  1. My favorites so far are:

    Unorthodox F. Lucidness
    Adjudicating M. Panties
    Triassic C. Playbill

    but the overall winner was “Euphemistic C. Overcompensating.”

    Guess what *he* was selling.

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