I’m at the Catalina Terminal, waiting for Littlest Guy to show up so we can send him away to camp for two weeks.

And I’m watching the kids and parents, and the steps – fast, slow, scared and confident that the children are taking toward adulthood, and I’m realizing how short our time as parents really is, and how little time we get to prepare them for the world they want so very much.

3 thoughts on “Campers”

  1. There are so many days I wish I had back to do over again, so many days when I was off my game as a parent, when I simply wasn’t the most patient, focused, all-seeing parent I could be; which is what I promised him I’d always be when I held the swaddled, squirming little meat loaf for the first time in the delivery room.

    Especially at the partings and leave-takings, is there any parent who really loves a child who doesn’t feel that way?

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