Rob Smith – Acidman Mars – A Farewell

I can’t believe I missed the news that Rob Smith, better known as Acidman Mars on his blog ‘Gut Rumbles‘ died.

Rob and I had some ding-dong blog discussions back when I was a sprout. Here’s something I said about him then:

You want ballsy honesty, you want the truth?? Yeah, you can handle the truth, and here it is.

There are more Acidmans in the world than we recognize. Not nearly as many as I wish there were…

Somehow, I’m picturing Acidman and Denise Denton sitting at a bar, drinking Bourbon and Scotch…I’d pay-per-view that discussion, for sure.

I’m off for the weekend, headed north for a wedding. I may or may not have time to do any blogging; if I’m off the air this weekend please remember not to kill each other or blow anything major up while I’m away.

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