4 thoughts on “A.L’s L.A. Restaurants List”

  1. Take the San Diego FW south to Newport Beach Fw. Go to Newport Beach, near McFadden Pier, and have pizza at Steves Original Pizza. The place is unchanged in the 30 yrs I’ve been going. No shirt, No shoes welcomed. Get a cheese pizza. load it up with extra parmesan and oregano and eat the cheese topping. Then reload with more parmesan and oregano and finish the crust. Go for lunch and enjoy beach girls while you relax on the beach. Then body surf some or walk to the back bay for a casual swim. Finish with cold ones at Blackies around the corner.

  2. Buy Propecia, I disagree vehemently with your premise. I don’t understand why you believe that this product–the side effects of which are well-documented–is the only solution to hair loss. Indeed, perhaps the best strategy is a pre-emptive one–never to lose one’s hair in the first place. We cannot wait to act before hair loss is imminent. We cannot let the smoking gun become a shiny dome.

  3. Attempting not to lose one’s hair in the first place is certainly the ideal solution, and some degree of pre-emption may indeed get us there.

    Unfortunately, even with the best will, pre-emption is not always successful. Hormones being what they are, one may wonder if perpetual success is simply an impossibility. Certainly, I have dark days when I wonder about this as I watch my thinning locks in the harshness of the daily mirror.

    As a second line of defense, we have the transplant. If hair can be taken from one area and coaxed to grow in the problem zones with appropriate assistance, more difficult decisions may be postponed. This is a more painful option, and expensive. Fortunately, I am not there yet.

    Yet even this may fail. And then we come to the hardest choice of all.

    In line with my personal belief that a shiny dome is better than living with the dhimmitude of the comb-over, or a bad toupee that merely hides the problem and attracts snickers and laughter from across the room, My own hair loss policy is clear. Upon the failure of pre-emption and the inadvisability, impracticality or failure of transplantation, the problem will be removed entirely.

    Yes, I will shave my head entirely bald. No more hair care products, no more palliatives – simple and utter removal of the problem. It was good enough for Michael. It will be good enough for me. I will miss my hair some days, but necessity is its own justification. I will proudly embrace my bald status before the world, as a man who saw what was necessary and had enough self-regard to accept it rather than deceiving himself with transparent cover-ups or ridiculous half measures.

    I hope it doesn’t come to that, however… I rather like having hair.

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