Godspeed, Michael

Back in January, I wrote about our friend Michael Richard – a musician who, when he lost his sight, became a photographer.

A malignant tumor in his one good eye cost him his sight, and he found out two weeks ago that he had cancer elsewhere in his body. This weekend, his health collapsed, and this morning he died.

The LA Times covered Michael’s work back in January – and I talked about what I saw about Michael that I thought was so admirable.

TG and I have watched Michael and his wife Patrice as they faced the hardships and anxiety that came with Michael’s illness. And I have been filled with admiration for their resilience, determination, and optimism.

Michael and his band played at our wedding, and he told me he was happy to be a part of our day of joy. Today, I’m happy to read such a public acknowledgement of his deserved success.

I’m thrilled that he knew that success, had time with Patrice, and that his end was not protracted and painful.

I can only comment on the courage – the physical and moral courage – that he displayed every day. Every time we talked he was positive, excited, and hopeful; ready to take on any challenges the day might bring.

I’ll try and carry that around with me and hope that my memories of him bring me some of his courage.

You can see some of his photos here.

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