Poster Girl

Blackfive links to a Youtube video of Australian singer Beccy Cole.

Play it.

All by herself, she’s kind of the anti-Dixie Chick.

Watching that was kind of a break in writing about Iraq; the piece should be done tonight and is called “So – What Now, Hawks?” Standing up in support of the troops is a good thing, but it’s not in and of itself, policy.

Not running from your positions and beliefs and continuing to own responsibility for them isn’t policy either. But it’s a test of how much these beliefs and positions matter to you.

2 thoughts on “Poster Girl”

  1. The problem is, I can’t find any evidence of Becky catching flack for visiting Australian troops in Iraq other than one letter from one of her fans.

    I think the song is great. But seriously, one letter and now she’s the Anti Dixie Chicks? I’d say she’s a much more shrewd marketer.

  2. The fight in Italy in WW2 was badly handled politically and militarily at every step except the initial blow. (sound like Iraq?)

    The fighting at Monte Casino killed over 15 times more men than we have lost in Iraq.

    Did we give up because mistakes were made?

    Nope. We comitted ourselves to victory.

    Originally posted at:

    Power and Control

    Thre may be no answer except to hold on and keep fighting.

    Does America have the bottom for it?

    We shall see.

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