Merry Christmas, Infidels!!

I’m kinda ashamed of laughing at this, but I do believe that one source of power in the West comes from our willingness to mock any and everything. It keeps us from freezing views and opinions – it’s hard to lock in beliefs when people are free to laugh at them.

And besides, it just made me laugh. From Scrappleface, Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Christmas Video:

31 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Infidels!!”

  1. it never ceases to amaze me what the deathbloggers find funny. Sure, its an amusing concept for about 30 seconds, but it just turns into Xtian proselytising after that. (Its also an insult to Islam (and hence, one is not surprised that so many here will find it amusing), in that it suggests that to question the killing of civilians is to question the Koran itself, and that only Christianity finds killing of civilians to be unacceptable.

  2. luka – “it never ceases to amaze me what the deathbloggers find funny.” As opposed to the suicidebloggers? What is it with your team and the childish insults? And why in the world would I engage in serious discussion with someone who makes them?


  3. Luka,

    It takes a special sort to defend the dignity of a man who happily commands suicide bombers, not a good sort, just a special sort.

  4. Luka,
    Hasn’t the fact that your act of turning every discussion into a forum for your small inventory of insults is getting old sunk in yet?

  5. I find the video neither offensive nor funny. A little amusing perhaps after the first few comments but then it drags on waaay to long with very little comic payoff.

    This is a political website, however, so I must think there must be a message in here somewhere, either knowingly or unknowingly.

    For example, my idea of high comedy is watching Jon Stewart reduce Bill Kristol into a simpering wuss the other night on TV who was incapable of sustaining any coherent defense of his ridiculous, radical and violent views beyond playing the “poor picked-on Neocon” victim card. What an intellectual pansy. And funny too!

  6. Whoa, Andy X, simmering wuss? intellectual pansy? Sounds like too much funny for me!!!

    Remind me to avoid you at social gatherings this Xmas.

  7. Deathblogger?

    Not that nice Mr. Danziger next door, with the lovely family? Is that what goes on in there, is deathblogging? Oh, it’s always the quiet ones …

    Merry Pagan Sulk Day, luka. It’s an insult to Islam to have over-excited heathens like you leaping to its defense. Thank God [1] you’re their problem and not mine.

    [1] That would be the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, for you uncivilized types.

  8. That’s simpering wuss, archy my boy.

    And don’t worry about avoiding me at all those Xmas parties you’ll be attending. I celebrate Festivus.

  9. That’s simpering wuss, archy my boy.

    And don’t worry about avoiding me at all those Xmas parties you’ll be attending. I celebrate Festivus.

  10. BTW, luka –

    Your reflexive use of terms like “Xtian” has confirmed what I have long suspected; namely, that you are in fact Paul Lukasiak. Unless you are an inferior forgery of Lukasiak, done with Microsoft Word perhaps.

  11. I wasn’t asking that he be banned, but I have a good memory for intellectual architecture, and if that’s not Lukasiak then I’m Mary Mapes.

    In the unlikely event that I am Mary Mapes, please delete everything that I’ve ever posted.

  12. “And don’t worry about avoiding me at all those Xmas parties you’ll be attending. I celebrate Festivus.”

    Well Andy, I guess you’re welcome to have a seat and let us all tell you how much you’ve dissapointed us over the past year! (grin)

    Kristol is way smarter that Stewart. Stewart is simply the better showman. Good for him. Hope you liked it — neocon getting his dignity based in on live TV! Gladiator fights at 11!

    Like Andy, I found the first little bit funny, then it got old in a hurry. Sure the long-winded attack on Islam touched a lot of really great questions “Why would God use suicide bombers against children to create his law here on Earth?” but it ended up more preachy than funny. But I laughed a bit at first, so it was worth the click.

  13. But Luka was always so much fun to have around!

    Like the guy that always comes to the party, gets loaded, shoots off his mouth about stuff intended to get people fired up, and then pukes on your couch. Or your girlfriend.

    Maybe I have a messed up definition of fun.

    Funny video, though.

    Merry Christmas and Hanukkah to the believers out there. Get a life, to that guy who celebrates Festivus.


  14. Al-Qaeda offers US safe passage from IraqFrom correspondents in Dubai
    December 23, 2006 05:54am
    Article from: ReutersFont size: + –
    Send this article: Print Email
    THE leader of an al-Qaeda backed group offered US forces safe withdrawal from Iraq within a month if they left their heavy weapons behind, according to an audiotape posted on the internet today.

    “We call on (President George W.) Bush not to waste this historic opportunity,” said the speaker, identified as Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, head of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq, which was announced in October by al-Qaeda and groups affiliated to it.

    The speaker said Washington would have two weeks to accept the offer.,23599,20967589-1702,00.html#

    I bet a lot of Cut & Run Dems in Congress & MSM would accept this offer.

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