Internet Newbies!!

I manage to stay pretty far removed from celebrity culture – BTDT, raised in Beverly Hills.

But I do have Defamer in my RSS reader; it’s the kind of ridiculous LA-centric stuff that I enjoy. And once in a while something there really tickles me.

In this case, two scathing emails by the Estevez (Sheen) brothers to a LA Times reporter are reproduced.

And my thought on reading them wasn’t that they were self-absorbed, thin-skinned or ill-mannered (hint: they are).

They have email addresses. In 2007, who the heck has an aol email address as primary email? Am I just too much of a geek? Don’t then know anyone who would invite them to gmail, or couldn’t they even just use yahoo?


7 thoughts on “Internet Newbies!!”

  1. Excuse me? I have an aol email address. I keep it for two reasons: 1) I can access the Internet when I’m visiting relatives who don’t have an ISP or I’m staying at a hotel that doesn’t have Internet access (there are still a few out there); and 2) my mother can’t afford an ISP so she can use my account and a screen name I set up for her. It’s not wise to turn your nose down at the very large number of Americans who can’t afford an ISP or don’t even own a computer. Many of these people still vote.

  2. I also have an aol address because, probably like the Sheens, I use it as repository for spam & less-than-urgent communications. Whenever I want to signup for something that requires an email address, I use the aol one. Whenever I give out an email address to large groups or individuals I don’t particularly want to communicate with on a regular basis (like the Sheens), I use my aol one. It’s kind of like having a po box so you don’t have to give out your home address. I check it once a week and I use it when I’m out of the country or in a hotel like VSin up there.

  3. Hey! Speak for yourself, A.L.: Lame (and sooooo… 1999) as AOL may be, I keep my email address there since I also use it for my business: and I have 10+ years of advertising it which I don ‘t want to have to trash. Of course, I no longer use AOL as my main browser or portal; but it is still semi-quasi-sorta useful.

  4. I don’t know anyone who would invite me (I mean, for free) to gmail. Maybe, deep inside, these two are a couple of lonely bastards as well

  5. Isn’t it kind of passe to criticize someone for having an aol address? I think the last time I saw that was in 1997 or so.

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