Think Good Thoughts For Elizabeth Edwards

I’m not the biggest John Edwards fan; on my desk are fundraising letters from Obama and Richardson that will probably get checks, and I have to deal with the fact that the foreign policy of any Democratic candidate is probably going to repel me. That’s a bridge I’ll cross in the general election.

But he and his wife are showing great courage in confronting her relapse and the reappearance of the cancer she’s fought, and continuing on with their campaign.

I wish her success in her treatment, and both of them the internal resources (I’ll believe they have all the external ones they need…) to deal with this and a campaign, too. Think good thoughts for both of them and for their kids.

16 thoughts on “Think Good Thoughts For Elizabeth Edwards”

  1. Agree with everyone who says this is not a political issue and, whether you agree with Edwards politics or not, it is a life or death issue for his family. They deserve all the support, prayers and luck they can get.

    Was disappointed at Geraldine Ferraro on Hannity & Colmes today. After unusual agreement on saying the issue was non-political and everyone should support his wife and Edwards on fighting her cancer, Ferraro used the moment to interject politics by talking about the cost of the chemotherapy and how people without insurance could not afford it.

    Thought it showed no class on her part.

  2. I hope Mrs. Edwards beats the disease. No one needs to be visited by that one.

    But, but, AL, step away from the checkbook before you destroy the country. Obama, okay, give him some spare change, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!, NOT Richardson!!!!!!!!!!!!! The man is a total tool. I am from NM and a former Democrat. I have run into the Gov around town many times over the years and he is an arrogant, good for nothing, pr–k. Truly the man is not deserving of anyones support. He literally looks down his nose at those he considers lesser than he. The reek of corruption coming from Santa Fe these days is truly staggering even for us. And we Nuevos Mexicanos know a few things about corrupt state gov’t. Santa Fe makes Louisiana’s Hughey Long days look like an amateur hour – Really!

    Richardson has been positioning himself for a run at DC for years. He is of a class of megalomaniac like Jong-Il, that is why they got along so well.

    And I heard it on good authority, if people contribute to Richardson’s campaign, for every dollar sent, G-d will kill a kitty. So, Please, you must think of the kitties!

    The Hobo

  3. I may not like his politics – but I wish the two of them well! Certain things transcend politics

    Get well soon Mrs Edwards..

  4. I wish Edwards & Family the best, but I wouldn’t do it if I were them. It’s too hard on everybody as is. At the same time if you feel you are needed, it’s hard to step down. I hope for them the best of health.

  5. I was with my mother, who won a battle against colon cancer ten years ago, watching the press conference. When Mrs Edwards spoke of the worry inspired by every random, unexplained pain, she began nodding. I don’t support (to put it mildly) Edwards’ political ambitions, but they’re in my prayers in their battle against this pernicious disease.

  6. I don’t want to appear cynical or hateful, because it truly is a tragedy…

    But does it make sense to vote for someone that will have his mind on other things besides running the country? Do we want a Commander in Chief thinking about his dieing wife?

    We often think about the health of the President or even VP but shouldn’t we also think about the health of the family?

    I think if he truly loved his family he would back out of the race. He still is a young man so there are other opportunities down the line.

    Now the question is would I also feel the same if it was my favorite candidate?

  7. I think I like his wife more than I like him. Elizabeth Edwards is always very candid and straightforward. She doesn’t have that slick, phony facade that most of the people around her do.

  8. I’ve been thinking about this all day, and I hate to be as cynical as I am (especially from one D to another), but I can’t help but wonder if this will be used as a pollitical shield. It would be nice if personal attacks were frowned upon in presidential elections (obviously they’re not), but who is going to personally attack someone whose wife may die of cancer? It’s pollitical suicide, and a good tool for surviving primaries.

    Is that a horrible thought? Do you think any of Edwards handlers have already come to the same conclusion?

  9. [tcg – this isn’t about politics – right or left, period. If you’d left me a real email, I’d have emailed your comment back to you to use somewhere more appropriate.

    This is about wishing her well, period, pure and simple.


  10. First off, I’m not a fan of Edwards or his politics. But having said that, I feel for his wife and him and the situation they’re in. We struggled for several years with a child with cancer (he’s in remission now, thank God), and we realized that different people deal with it in diferent ways.

    For me, maintaining my daily routine as a teacher saved my sanity. For my wife, stepping back from everything was necessary. My sister (who also has a son with cacer) deals with her son’s cancer by clamming up, while my wife and I talk about it freely.

    So different people deal with it differently, and those who’ve gone through it get that.

    In addition, your initial reaction is often different than how you feel after a short time. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they change their mind in a few weeks.

  11. Such noble and lofty intentions, AL, and at the same time so very hollow.

    Too bad you don’t see fit to question why it is that the Right Wing and the media have already begun to go on the attack against the Edwards’ via Rush Limbaugh (twice in two days now) and Katie Couric.

    He’s a politician and they’re campaigning for president, so some level of political scrutiny is warranted, of course. But there is a line, and for you it isn’t just that someones life is on the line, clearly. For example, you seem to think nothing of frequently (sometimes exclusively) considering the political implications of a war in the middle east that has killed and continues to kill innocent civilians, do you? To draw some artificial line in this thread only serves to provoke speculation that you may be afraid to discover the political asymmetry in the origin for such vile attacks, which have unfortunately become a part of our debased public discourse in this country, starting sometime around 1994 I would say…

    As I said above, it would seem to fit right in to your frequent efforts to point out what you think is wrong with politics and electability in America, except for the fact that I can only recall reading your admonitions of Democrats and how their views are going to cost them popular support. (So how’s that line of argument turning out, anyway?)

    Delete this comment if you want, I really don’t care. You read it…that’s the point.

  12. Well, I’ll have to live with my intentions, tcg, and the audience will have to judge yours on their own.

    Feel free to email me if you want me to read something, but if you post offtopic on this thread again, I’ll most likely ban you.


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