The Things You Find At BevMo

Went to BevMo Sat night to buy wine for dinner (plus some good Calvados as a treat) and my friend Mike pointed me at a display by the checkout stand – “Look at that!”
“That’s vodka, Mike. I don’t drink vodka.”
“No, dammit, look at it.”
“It’s got gold stuff in the bottom. So what? I don’t drink vodka with or without gold stuff.”

He picked up a bottle and held it to my face.


I bought it. I’ll go back and buy some more…

…and then I noticed this:


IRISH vodka? Somewhere a leprechaun is crying himself to sleep…

7 thoughts on “The Things You Find At BevMo”

  1. Why? Vodka’s often made from potatoes, right?

    I figure the leprechaun is muttering, “Finally, they _finally_ got it right.”

  2. And there was I thinking leprechauns hide their gold under the rainbow….

    Does the gold leaf improve the flavour, or is that just blarney?


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