Sunday Is A Big Day For Me.

Update:Stoner 1st – 25 points; Rossi – 7th – 9 points…hee hee…

It’s the Brno motorcycle Grand Prix, and this season has been particularly exciting as Ducati and young Aussie Casey Stoner appear to have taken the measure of Yamaha and five-time champion Valentino Rossi.

I have a whole lot at state this season, and so I’ll be watching very closely.

Last season I managed to get a sucker knowledgeable race fan to bet Rossi against the field, and Nicky Hayden won.

The payoff was – in a manner of speaking – delightful –

Well, Flashdance wasn’t happy about his public appearance, and requested a rematch. One of the group who’d bet against him stupidly changed the bet for all of us to Rossi vs. Hayden in this series, and because of Honda’s engineering foolishness in building a 3/4 scale racebike for the year, Hayden has essentially no chance to win.

So four of us will be dressing up as the Village People (I’m going to be the Tool Guy) and blessing a Los Angeles restaurant with a well-choreographed version of “YMCA”.

But since the family motto is “never give up” I managed to get the victim Rossi fan to accept a side bet.

Rossi vs. Stoner. If Stoner beats Rossi in the season by more than 13 points, my Flashdancing friend will have to dress up as a sumo wrestler and greet all the patrons at the restaurant we choose for the performance with a bow and a hearty “moshi! moshi!” Of course, if events go the other way, I’ll need to bring a 2nd costume to dinner…

As it stands today, Stoner is ahead of Rossi by 44 points.

Stoner is on the pole at Brno, with a qualifying time of 1’56.884″; Rossi is 6th with a time of 1’57.640.

They are both incredible racers, cool, calculating, unflappable. It’s going to be an amazing race.

And if Stoner takes at least 10 more points out of Rossi, I’m that much closer to not shaving a topknot into my hair…so I’d like everyone reading this blog to close your eyes and clap really, really hard for Casey Stoner.

I’ll report on the results tomorrow.

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