Open-Source Litigation

Check out Groklaw, a weblog that seems most focussed on the business and legal issues underlaying current SCO-storm in the open-source world. I have a feeling that the outcome of these cases is going to be damn important in the next decades.

UPDATE: See comments.

One thought on “Open-Source Litigation”

  1. Important in the sense that this is likely to be the watershed case that sets the terms of open source licensing by setting the clear precedent. So yes, very much so.

    In some ways, this is an ideal case for open source fans. There really “doesn’t seem to be any there, there” in SCO’s case, and while the FUD may produce temporary problems the long-term benefits of the decision should outweigh it.

    BTW, very interesting link at Groklaw re: the naked stock manipulation of the VC behind SCO and Vultus. Basically, it looks like they’re running a corporate shell game that let them pocket several million dollars off of creating this legal controversy, where otherwise they’d just have had a bankrupt company on their hands.

    I’d say a serious investigation of that little charade is warranted.

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