Blogging May Be Scarce

I’m headed out the door to drive to Northern California with a friend right now.

We’re headed to Monterey, where we’ll take the Superbike School at Laguna Seca Raceway (here’s me in the white helmet headed down the Corkscrew two years ago).


I’ll be staying with Joe & his sweetie for a day or so, and one topic will be our hopes for the blog in the coming year.

So if I don’t jump into debates, please don’t assume I’m scared away or don’t care – life is just in the way this week.

As usual, please don’t kill each other or blow stuff up while I’m away.

5 thoughts on “Blogging May Be Scarce”

  1. I recall riding over Snoqualmie Pass on a Honda one winter during a snowstorm, with only my leathers and a pair of rabbit-insulated gloves for weather protection. At the top I rode with my feed splayed out because single track vehicles are a little unstable in the snow. After completing that trip I decided to buy a car…

  2. The real problem with having rabbits do your insulation is that they tend not to finish what they start — they hop all over the place.

    I made a similar “car option == good” decision after a winter in the Twin Cities where I occasionally “had to” ride in the winter. Wearing nothing on my feet but a pair of zoris. No socks. It wasn’t that I couldn’t find my socks, I was just too impulsive.

    So I got a job doing insulation to pay for the car.

  3. In 1978 I had a Triumph 750 Bonneville. I was riding on an unfamiliar road and not paying attention that the road ahead made a 90° dogleg. I was going to fast to slow down for a safe turn. My only choice was to verify the legendary handling of the Triumph or crash into some guy’s garage. Well I tested the handling and I don’t know how far I leaned over, but the asphalt seemed mighty close and the Triumph’s handling was verified. I’m thankful that it was dry and no sand or gravel was on the road.
    I do regret selling the Bonny, it had a timeless classic design that is not equaled today.

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