Who Says Amazon Has No Sense Of Humor?

I’m building a big-ass Amazon Wish List of books for Biggest Guy (for when he gets far enough through Basic Training to read them), and other than the great list on counterinsurgency on Abu Muquama’s site, I’m always looking for new stuff. So when Kings of War linked to some interesting reading on the Soviet experience in Afghanistan, I clicked through to the Amazon UK link for “The Bear Went Over The Mountain: Soviet Combat Tactics in Afghanistan“. Then I cut and pasted the title and went to Amazon.com, put it in the search box … and the result I got was “Women’s Realities, Women’s Choices: An Introduction to Women’s Studies (Hunter College Women’s Studies Collective)

There’s a lesson there, I’m just not quite sure what it is…

5 thoughts on “Who Says Amazon Has No Sense Of Humor?”

  1. Armed Liberal: I saw that Kings of War post, too. Fortunately, my local public library system had a copy on the shelf and I checked it out. Right now, I’m halfway through The Soviet-Afghan War by the Russian General Staff. Interesting that it was published here in the US in 2002, a year before the invasion of Iraq. There are a few interesting parallels.

  2. bq. There’s a lesson there, I’m just not quite sure what it is…

    How about: “Amazon is your friend, but you should not let it drive you to the airport.”?

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