We haven’t updated much on the right hand column for a while. I’m playing around with a few ideas, and there will be some ongoing changes while Joe & the rest of the crew and I discuss how some of them are working.

I’ve also refreshed our blogroll – for now with the bulk of my Bloglines feeds (easier to maintain). If you have comments about blogs that ought to be there (or ought not to be) feel free to leave them here; also if you have comments on the changes, please feel free to make them here as well.

The goal is to deepen your engagement with the discussions and past posts, and to give those elements priority over some of the more administrative or static elements in the sidebar. Let’s see how well it plays out…

10 thoughts on “Blogroll”

  1. “Michael Yon”: – Like Michael Totten, he is there and reporting the truth from the ground, as he sees it. He is unaligned with any political party or major news org.

    “City Journal”: – “City Journal is the nation’s premier urban-policy magazine, “the Bible of the new urbanism,” as London’s Daily Telegraph puts it.”

    “Europe News”: – “No tolerance for intolerance, no apology for being free.”

  2. Your top posting affiliate, “Athena”, who had some great on ground ME posts a couple of three years ago, is now no more than a blank page.
    However, her mentor and college professor, Cori Dauber at UNC, will soon, we hope, finish her book and return to her blog(
    I’ll be the first to send you a purchase link for the book.

  3. Interesting, I hadn’t realized that WoC comments are all Zulu time.
    Does the same hold true for the blog posts?
    Inquiring minds and all.

  4. _Rory – we’d be very interested if we could find someone qualified to do the work. What do your weekends look like?_

    If, by asking about my weekends, you’re suggesting that I’m qualified, I’m not so sure. I’m aware that doing a roundup is hard, time-consuming work. Even a cursory weekly roundup would likely take about six hours. I am willing to do that.

    However, I’m simply not in the same league as a few of your previous regulars. I don’t have the same depth of understanding as a Dan Darling or a Bill Roggio. I am ready to work hard, but is that substitute enough?

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