Send Mike Hendrix A Little Love Tonight

Because I just don’t want to have to visit him in jail…and based on what useless ass Chuck Adkins has done, I’d worry that he’ll wind up on a gurney and Mike will end up in a cell.

I won’t reward lives-with-his-folks-at-35 slob Adkins with a link; go read about it on Mike’s site.

There’s a real issue with marginal personalities on the Internet; Deb Frisch, Elliott Stein, and now the third member of the worthless waste of oxygen trinity, Chuck. And the problem is that until the stakes are high – and they appear to be getting there because the links to the offensive posts on Chuck’s site are now 404-ing – they just seem to absorb the abuse they deserve as the attention they crave.

So go over and say a soothing word of support to Mike. He doesn’t deserve this shit, he deserves our affection and friendship.

5 thoughts on “Send Mike Hendrix A Little Love Tonight”

  1. Honestly, don’t feed the troll. By giving this fat piece of crap all this attention, you’re just feeding into his ego. Same with the idiot Deb Frisch.

  2. Keep your shoes clean, Mike. I did not know Christiana, nor do I know you. But some say the best revenge is living well. Live well, man.

  3. Ever hear of Epictetus?

    I just reviewed him, and perhaps I shouldn’t have posted anything.

    “Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you, and be silent.”

    I’d rather see Mike outshine dogshit than go to jail for getting it on his shoe. But that’s just me. And Epictetus suggests that I should have shut up. Verb. sap.

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