Random Personal Notes

I tend to talk about my wife Tenacious G, and Biggest Guy – who is doing just fine, thanks – and not enough about my other equally wonderful and bragworthy sons. So I thought I’d be a doting parent for a moment and share this.

(Note that we had a successful surprise birthday party for TG Saturday night)

[13:48] {Middle Guy}: hey pops
[13:48] {Middle Guy}: how was the party?
[13:49] MARCDnzgr: huuuuge success
[13:49] {Middle Guy}: nice!
[13:49] MARCDnzgr: Debra’s husband Mark got video of Grace walking through the door
[13:49] MARCDnzgr: priceless
[13:50] {Middle Guy}: hahaha
[13:50] {Middle Guy}: do you have a copy?
[13:50] MARCDnzgr: I can’t believe I managed to surprise her
[13:50] MARCDnzgr: getting it – will be on YouTube
[13:51] {Middle Guy}: haha
[13:51] {Middle Guy}: that’s awesome
[13:51] MARCDnzgr: she totally busted me

[13:51] MARCDnzgr: found the cc charge for liquor from the Wine House
[13:51] MARCDnzgr: I lied like a rug
[13:52] {Middle Guy}: oooh wow
[13:52] {Middle Guy}: what did you say?
[13:52] {Middle Guy}: and how much booze did you buy?
[13:52] MARCDnzgr: too much
[13:52] MARCDnzgr: 1 case champagne (drank 3 bottles)
[13:52] MARCDnzgr: 1 case white (drank 6 bottles)
[13:52] MARCDnzgr: 1 case red (none)
[13:54] {Middle Guy}: wow
[13:54] {Middle Guy}: so yeah, what story did you sell her?
[13:54] MARCDnzgr: yeah, we’re liquor-heavy (dont get any ideas!!)
[13:54] MARCDnzgr: on the booze? That I bought a case of wine for us and that some friends at work wanted some too, so I bought for them
[13:56] {Middle Guy}: haha yeah I was like I was thinking of not coming up anymore, but i might have to make an exception
[13:57] MARCDnzgr: be nice to see you – we’re gone this weekend but will be the weekend after
[13:57] {Middle Guy}: … you’re gone this weekend and there’s a ton of booze in the house… hm….
[13:57] MARCDnzgr: roh-roh…
[13:58] {Middle Guy}: heh it’s cool i think i’m stuck down here hosting a beer and brat shindig
[13:58] {Middle Guy}: you got lucky
[13:58] MARCDnzgr: sounds nice
[13:58] MARCDnzgr: I need to get down and see your digs
[13:58] MARCDnzgr: maybe next weekend?
[13:58] {Middle Guy}: sure
[13:58] {Middle Guy}: oh i have a fun story for you
[13:59] MARCDnzgr: shoot
[13:59] {Middle Guy}: I was pretty damn pleased with myself
[13:59] {Middle Guy}: So I went to my game theory prof’s office hours today
[13:59] {Middle Guy}: and I asked him out to lunch as part of the dine with the professor deal marshall has
[13:59] {Middle Guy}: and we were talking etc
[14:00] {Middle Guy}: and i was like oh btw I’m {name}
[14:00] {Middle Guy}: and he was like Danziger?
[14:00] MARCDnzgr: ??
[14:00] {Middle Guy}: Me: wow, uh, yeah
[14:00] {Middle Guy}: him: yeah I see your name on the top of the scores chart all the time
[14:00] MARCDnzgr: nice!!!
[14:00] {Middle Guy}: me: *Huge smile*
[14:01] MARCDnzgr: way to go!!
[14:01] {Middle Guy}: and it’s a pretty damn big class
[14:01] {Middle Guy}: so i was pretty f**king pleased with myself walking out that door
[14:01] MARCDnzgr: no kidding
[14:01] MARCDnzgr: now you hit him up for any interesting projects he needs help on…
[14:01] {Middle Guy}: hah exactly
[14:01] MARCDnzgr: seriously, congrats
[14:02] {Middle Guy}: yeah thanks pops
[14:02] MARCDnzgr: deserved glory, methinks
[14:02] {Middle Guy}: I’m doing pretty well for myself this quarter
[14:02] MARCDnzgr: you feel damn good
[14:02] MARCDnzgr: can’t articulate exactly what it is
[14:02] MARCDnzgr: your ‘aura’
[14:02] {Middle Guy}: haha yeah
[14:02] {Middle Guy}: thanks
[14:02] MARCDnzgr: meant what I said about proud
[14:02] MARCDnzgr: was just thinking how cool it is to be learning something with you
[14:03] {Middle Guy}: thanks pops
[14:03] {Middle Guy}: :-)
[14:03] MARCDnzgr: right back
[14:03] {Middle Guy}: k
[14:03] MARCDnzgr: go work
[14:03] MARCDnzgr: I’m going downstairs and inventorying the booze
[14:03] {Middle Guy}: hahahahahah

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