Norman Michael “Ehren” Murburg


Biggest Guy is in the second row on the left. Ehren (or Michael, as BG called him) next to him.

His funeral was yesterday, and I’m going through the pictures from Eric’s graduation to send some to Michael’s parents. I’ve looked at the phone a few times, and just not been ready to pick it up and call them. Maybe this weekend.

Think about Michael, and please hold someone close to you and tell them you love them one extra time.

4 thoughts on “Norman Michael “Ehren” Murburg”

  1. Recognized E right away. He does have a beautiful smile. My thoughts go out to him and to Pvt. Murburg’s family.

  2. I read the earlier post on Pvt. Murburg. All I can say, speaking from experience, is that death due to “system failure” can come shockingly fast, and without much warning. I friend saved my life, but had he not been around and willing to move pretty quickly, I’d currently be pushing up daisies. And I had no idea…

    The biggest killer in these kinds of situations is dehydration. It’s so easy to pass from feeling crappy to being dead it’s difficult to communicate. Generally a matter of minutes or hours. We are vulnerable beings.

    My condolences to the family.

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