An Experiment On Blog Diffusion…

Via Patti Anklam’s blog ‘Networks, Complexity, and Relatedness‘, we were infected with David Lazer’s diffusion experiment…

[Addendum by Nortius: “Mr Lazer credits”: Matthieu Latapy for the experiment, by the way.

bq. If you have a website, you can participate– you just need to click “spread it” below, enter your url, retrieve the code that will put the image you see below on your website (please, no trackbacks here or to Latapy’s website, btw).

bq. FYI, the image you see is the diffusion path of the code, which should change as it spreads.

So, viewers of WoC, do that from here if you wish.]

5 thoughts on “An Experiment On Blog Diffusion…”

  1. I don’t see anything. That is, between the phrase “infected with David Lazer’s diffusion experiment…” and [Addendum by Nortius…] there’s just blank space. Is this what I’m supposed to see? In other words, does the image simply diffuse until it disappears?

  2. Oops, sorry. After a refresh an image with circles of various sizes appeared… and can be “focused” to different levels of resolution by using the slider on the right.

  3. Demo, you were probably looking at it before anyone had linked to it. You would probably have needed to use the slider on the right to zoom out (or to have grabbed the image with your mouse and gotten lucky with dragging) in order to see anything other than background. The explanation could have been better, both here and at Mr Lazer’s site. Sorry.

  4. Also, if you zoom in enough on any one locus, you can click on the center dot and information on that node / site will be displayed in the titlebar area of the image.

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