Well, I Know Who I Won’t Be Voting For For Governor

The alleged MS-13 member who was arrested for gunning down the father and his two sons in San Francisco wasn’t in the forefront of Gavin Newsom’s mind when it came time to make a statement about responsibility – the NRA was. Go to 2:10 in this news video…and take your blood pressure meds.

Now I’m willing to bet that the guy who was arrested (an illegal immigrant who had been previously arrested several times) probably couldn’t have legally bought a gun. So all the restrictions on the ability of law-abiding citizens to buy guns would have done … what, exactly, Mayor?

Patterico has been all over the issue of one issue that intersects our immigration policy – ‘deport the criminals first’. Go read Justin’s comments at Patterico on this one.

Newsom has shown great judgment all along – he did go to rehab after confessing an affair with the wife of his campaign manager (it’s not the sex, it’s the stupid recklessness of who it was with…). Great hair, though.

My checkbook and I’ll be remembering this when the Gov’s race comes along.

11 thoughts on “Well, I Know Who I Won’t Be Voting For For Governor”

  1. …well, not if I have anything to say about it. But right now he’s tied for 1st with Jerry Brown, who I’d actually kind of welcome back to Sacramento (disclosure: I worked for his Administration back in prehistory). Antonio is sinking fast and there really aren’t any other big-time D’s in the pipeline right now.


  2. That hair of Newsom’s looks as if it has a life of its own. Maybe it’s some sort of “headcrab”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headcrab controlling his behavior.

    I counted more than five errors in fact as I listened, and then my head exploded. So you’ll have to carry on without me. I was killed by Gavin Newsom’s rhetoric. Maybe there should be a law.

  3. Wow, A.L., you worked for Jerry Brown? Do you still have your Star Trek uniform?

    How many trips does it take to pick up all of Linda Ronstadt’s groceries? I’m guessing three, at least.

    Just one more question – what does “Om Mani Padme Om” mean, anyway?

  4. Okay – so this is the biggest priority of the Cali election for you? Is it really?

    Man – Gavin’s just opened up his exploratory bid for governor – and ALREADY people are starting the hit jobs.

    Doesn’t take long I guess.

    For the record though – given the city of San Francisco, and it’s various communities – the large majority of which are much more liberal than Gavin – he’s actually the CONSERVATIVE in San Francisco, as these things go – he’s done a da*n good job here. Even the liberal initiatives he has pursued, he’s tried to do with business buy in.

    Brought a lot biotech back to the city.
    Lots of green initiatives – which have married investment in business, with local beneficial employment practices.
    High minimum wage in the city – accomplished while increasing employment in the city.
    A floor of health insurance in the city – accomplished by SMARTLY sharing the costs among businesses and the city – without breaking or driving the city into debt.

    Those are all factual accomplishments. Gavin’s a good guy. He’s actually got the communistic/socialist board of supervisors PISSED at him, for his business friendly policies. “Take a look here”:http://quartz.he.net/~beyondch/news/index.php?itemid=4835 at his “opposition” during last year’s election.

    Notice that the proposal to renovate Market from 5th street to 10th, got shot down, for no reason than for pure pique.

    Not to mention, he’s a very telegenic candidate.

    Now – given California as a whole – it is very possible that the Right can use the lines you are just using – make the election a character issue, and simply destroy his chances that way. (In this way, you might be doing greater Californians a favor.)

    But the baggage that Jerry Brown carries? Just as bad.

    Still – massive a**holeness of Gavin’s part, regarding the campaign manager issue.

    But just as a point of record – this is a separate thing than his effectiveness has been, as mayor.

  5. hypo – I’ve got a lot of friends in SF, some of whom intersect the local political scene. Yes, but…would be their reply. He’s absolutely less lefty than, say Sandoval – but that’s not saying much. He’s done a good job on the ‘greening’ thing, a horrible job on public safety, a so-so job fiscally, and a bad job from a planning and development POV.

    So yeah, a decent Mayor for SF (certainly better than LA’s class clown), but as a Gov – nope, pass thank you.


  6. Gavin Newsom has no chance of winning an election in any place less left-wing than SF.

    2004 Presidential Election :

    SF County :
    18% Bush 82% Kerry
    California :
    44% Bush 55% Kerry
    US :
    51% Bush 48% Kerry

    Newsom can’t win in a Statewide contest. Simply being to the right of Sandoval – someone who says the US should abolish its military – is not saying much.

  7. A.L.
    As a much longer than you resident of CA, I’ll ask if you can name one California politician you’d vote for any office?
    Federal/State/Regional/County/City, we have the most dysfuntional bunch of politicians in the 50 States of the Union! Which is why CA is the most dysfunctional State in the Union.
    MA, eat your heart out!
    If DC were a State, it’d be the only one to make CA look good! Well, not really!
    CA rules for State and local dysfunction!

  8. Mike, I’ll challenge the “longer resident” comment!! <g>

    Well, Debra Bowen, and not just because I consider her a friend; she’s been rational, empirical, and thoughtful in her work as a state legislator – even in the cases where we have disagreed (guns, as an example).

    I like Chuck Green of San Jose (even though we disagree on gay marriage), and think Jerry Brown was a good mayor of Oakland, and a pretty good Governor.

    I admire McClintock for sticking to his guns on budget issues for his whole term in the CA Legislature.

    Give me time and I’ll think of a few more…


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