Going Solar, Chapter 2

OK, so a few weeks ago we filed all the paperwork with Solar City. It appears that while we have bitchen’ credit, you need really bitchen credit for the lease program, so they had to think about us for a while before we were approved for the program, which we were.

We’ve now scheduled a ‘site audit’ in which one of their people will come to the house and take measurements, etc. so they can design the system and prepare the drawings for the city building permit. I’ll stop in at the City today and find out how challenging that will be (it’s all part of the Solar City package, but if I can help smooth things along – why not?).

So August 5 is the site visit, and we expect to be in permitting several weeks after that…

…to be continued.

3 thoughts on “Going Solar, Chapter 2”

  1. Hey — we’re also researching going solar at the house AND installing a solar roof on the Prius. Keep us posted on your progress, I’m very interested in seeing how it works out for you.

    Hope you and TG are well! Hugs.

  2. Kathryn;
    the roof on the car is pure PR stuff. Because of size, angles, time exposed to direct sun, etc., vehicle roofs make LOUSY sites for solar panels. Get someone (not a salesman) to do calculations about how many yards you’ll be able to drive for every hour the Prius is outside in the sun. I promise you’ll be underwhelmed, especially if you then figure out how long it will take for those added yards to pay for the panels.

  3. The “solar on a car roof” idea is not so crazy when you understand the engineering behind – and I’m no fan of hybrids or battery cars.

    The electricity from the photovoltaic cells just drives a small ventilation fan to flush the car interior when the car is SITTING in the sun. The cells aren’t intended to drive the car. That way the car is cooler when you get into it after it has been parked in the hot sun. This seems like a worthwhile use of solar power (one of the few – solar hot water makes sense too.)

    SAAB had this on a concept car back in the 80’s.

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