Blackwater Pix

Blackfive and NZ Bear at Victorycaucus have pictures up – go check them out. And I’m holding the damn AR15 out “like a Prada purse” because I’m wearing my suit pants – thanks to United Airlines losing my luggage – and didn’t want to get gun lube on them. So there.

Play the video of the drive on B5’s site it was a hoot.

And, oddly, when NZ sent me the email telling me the post was up, TG and I were watching one of the movies he referenced – Buckaroo Banzai, which she’d never seen.

I’ve always wanted to be Lord Whorfin. But I do compulsively floss my teeth for days every time I see the film.

One thought on “Blackwater Pix”

  1. Ah, I was wondering about the odd attire choice. Sorry to hear United lost your luggage. Sounded like a great time, though!

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