Go Read Sully on Palin.

Do it chronologically – start here and read upward. It’s a fascinating arc.

Now I need to go offline for the weekend. Annual Catalina camping trip, here we come!!

See you all Monday night, and as usual, please try not to kill anyone or blow anything up while I’m gone.

15 thoughts on “Go Read Sully on Palin.”

  1. I don’t bother with Sully anymore, so thanks for the excellent tip.

    Fascinating, and entertaining. As clear a dissection of the mental exercise of a paleoliberal (however much he claims to be conservative).

    He’s going to need sedatives or a rehab for mental exhaustion when he’s finished gyrating…

  2. Why are you promoting that guy? Why reference him at all? There are plenty of good writers, but none less consistent except to his own dementia of the day.

  3. I’ll read Ross Douthat’s summary of Sullivan’s non-partisan analysis though:

    bq. _For months and months, all through Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign for the Presidency, my colleague Andrew Sullivan insisted over and over again that his furious anti-Hillary partisanship was in fact a defense of authentic feminism . . .. [Y]ou’d think that Andrew would confine his attacks on Palin to critiquing her record and mocking her lack of experience, rather than, say, posting emails accusing her of being a bad mother for accepting the nomination, snickering over her children’s names, and razzing her as a bimbo and a “trophy candidate.”_

    “All Class”:http://rossdouthat.theatlantic.com/archives/2008/08/all_class.php


  4. Considering that Andrew Sullivan once sent out an e-ad urging young boys to go “bareback” with him, I’m not surprised that he finds Sarah Palin too unsexy for the job, now that she hasn’t had her Downs Syndrome son chopped up.

    Andrew ought to consider that there are millions of NRA members out here in America who love Sarah Palin and hate him.

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