Thunderbirds are GO! …For Sure…

So I’m at the Hyatt in Monterey being a supportive corporate spouse and working on the wi-fi out on the patio.

I’m on the patio because the USAF Thunderbirds (warning: heavy FLASH site) are in town for an airshow and are doing flybys onto Monterey Airport which is just up the road, and I’m getting an impromptu airshow as the planes circle 200 feet over my head individually and in small groups.

I didn’t bring a camera, but trust me – it’s ridiculously cool.

2 thoughts on “Thunderbirds are GO! …For Sure…”

  1. I plan on being there Sunday. I haven’t attended an airshow since I was a kid (though in the 80s I sometimes watched the fringes of the airshows at Moffett from one uncrowded vantage point or another), but this year I got motivated. So, early Sunday morning, it’s off to Salinas!

  2. I was there… my camera was there… alas, the Thunderbirds stayed in Monterey, as they need a 2000 foot ceiling for even the low version of their show, and, by midafternoon, the ceiling in Salinas was barely over 1000 feet and worsening.
    Well, apart from the grand finale not happening, it was a fun show, with some really impressive flying.

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