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Update 2: It’s almost Thanksgiving and this is about to wrap up – if I can ask you to reach and consider donating if you haven’t – or consider on the the eBay auctions that are being held to benefit Valour-IT – everything you spend will go to helping wounded soldiers.

Update: We need more donors!! Donate, comment, and recognize that you’re doing a Really Good Thing.

Even before I had a soldier of my own, I’ve been a big supporter of Soldier’s Angels, the peer-to-peer organization that allows each of us to support the men and women of our military.

They are the kind of organization that is a no-brainer to get behind, regardless of your politics – because it’s about providing support to the soldiers and their families.

Right now, they are running a fundraiser for Project Valour-IT, which provides speech-controlled laptops to wounded soldiers. I was at an event where Chuck Z talked about what it meant to him, as a wounded and recovering solder – to suddenly be able to send and get email, to surf the web, to write letters. What it meant to no longer be helpless in one area of his life and to begin the long walk to independence and recovery of himself. When you listen to stories like that, it’s suddenly easy to understand why this is important.

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Every day, from now to Thanksgiving, I’ll bump this post…when we’ve raised over $2,500 from this blog, I’ll stop.

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