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  1. Is it OK if Sarah Palin gives an interview in a restroom? After all, if you eat anything, something like that is going on behind you, too.

  2. Incorrect analogy, the correct analog would be giving an interview in a waste processing plant. Should that be verboten? I’d certainly hope not.

  3. Very informative. Even though I went to a college with a big ag school, I’d never heard of the “Cone of Turkey Death” prominently featured in this video. Now if they’d only gotten that nattering woman out from in front of the action, we could see what’s going on…

  4. Remember how certain people went on and on and on and on about how Bush posted with a plastic turkey in Iraq – which wasn’t true? About how somehow the fake turkey was a bad thing.

    Now they’re going on about how horrible it is to slaughter real turkeys.

    MAKE UP YOUR MIND! If you think slaughtering turkeys is bad, why would you complain about a plastic one made for show (even if it didn’t exist)?

  5. A bit of a strawman, directed at Huffington Post. They aren’t “horrified”, it’s mainly, badly staged.

    After all, no politician REALLY likes their background spewing with blood, right?

    Also, not that I agree, but it occurs to me, that the argument above applies to porn.

    “Deal with it, you candy-asses. If you have children, something like that is going on in the background for you too.”

    It could be said that, though obviously such things are necessary and good – like having some great turkey on Thanksgiving – doesn’t necessarily mean that you want the “sausage making”, so to speak, broadcast to the world.

    I also, personally, think the argument is a GREAT argument for public nudity.

    I mean, right??

    “Deal with it, you candy-asses. If you have a body, stop hiding it under clothes!!”

    On the other hand – I estimate only about 5-10% of the population’s full bodies would I WANT to see -female persuasion for me! :)- and that’s probably a high estimate – so I’m not that upset.

    In any case, the argument of “deal with it”, is bogus, all on it’s own.

    At any rate, this subject is funny to me – good Friday post.

  6. There are an awful lot of people whom have no idea where there food comes from. For them ignorance is bliss. This was hysterically funny.

  7. Here’s my question. Palin was filmed in a natural setting where a man was engaged in his work. Do you really prefer that your politicians are always filmed in staged settings made to put them in the best light? Remember (if you’re old enough) the infamous tank picture of Walter Mondale? Staged. Or the ridiculous picture of Kerry in the cleanroom outfit? Staged.

    Is there something wrong with a politician not really caring about the background? Not staging everything?

    Apparently there is for some people. I just can’t figure out why. I suspect it’s because it was Palin.

  8. She rambles a little, and she has a very ‘post game interview’ thing going on where she’s sticking to very stock answers, but she doesn’t sound nearly as stupid as Biden does.

    She’s very bubbly and natural sounding, which very much doesn’t sound like a politician in both a bad way and a good way. She needs to evolve a more stately and dignified persona to pull out when she needs it, although this obviously wasn’t such an occassion so I don’t see what the big deal is. Obama hems and haws just as much as this, and also can do a very folksy, natural persona when he needs it, but he holds his composure and emotions together better. She could use to watch a little game film of Obama to learn from the competition.

    The turkey is irrelevant, and just shows the divide between the rural areas she governs and the urbanites that can’t stand her. I’m looking at the turkey and going, “Yum. Fresh fat turkey.” I’m afraid I didn’t see the humor or the need to be embarassed. It’s more like, “So you don’t hunt, much, eh? Or farm? Or cook? Well, isn’t that nice.”

    Now, if I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d think she was doing this on purpose. She certain shows some indication that she’s aware what is going on and that it will draw fire. I wonder who she thinks ultimately looks to be the fool in this skit.

  9. Спасибо за Ваш труд!!

    [Speaking for the entry author, thanks for the driveby. :) This post might be more deserving than average. We encourage substance. You’re more than welcome to contribute some in future. –NM

    PS: for the non-Russophiles among our readership, my rough translation is “Thanks for your work!!”]

  10. I’m pretty much in the tank for Palin, and even I’ve got to admit some bells should have gone off in the old internal PR department.

    On the other hand, she is what she is; a woman who’s comfortable field-dressing her own kills. (And who has helped run a commercial fishing business. Lotta heads and guts get chummed in the process of making those wild Alaskan salmon fillets you find in your local megamart.)

    I happen to be one of those American who has shot, cleaned, and eaten his own dinner, but it’s not something I’ve done in 30 years. In that time I’ve learned that more Americans are candy-asses than not, and while I admire Palin a great deal, and truly hope she becomes President someday, she’s going to have to hire at least one person who can tell her when she’s being a bit too Conan (or Red Sonja, I guess) for the latte-sipping set.

  11. Maybe she was really doing
    promotion for the Triple D; heard they can’t keep the turkeys in stock after that. The MSNBC people are beyond even WKRP type satire, the Times even more so. Need it be noted, that they seemed fine with a similar fate for Trig, and they
    were willing to broadcast the dying moments of an Iraq soldier
    without any qualms Really Sarah’s red Sonya, more like Annie Oakley.
    She does seem to be the only one in the Party, with any fight left
    in them; so you may be right about
    that. The real point, is we’re the turkeys and there’s no pardon for us forthcoming.

  12. I guess if you were raised on a farm out west where the “chopping block” was about daily food for the family, and everyone in the family had seen “chickens with their heads cut off” as just part of the backdrop of life the staging wouldn’t strike one as abnormal. The experience did prompt me to consider some existential questions early in life, but I imagine they were typical of people raised in my circumstances… which didn’t hold a veil over death. The head stops being animated long before the body. But I always wondered what the creature thought and felt before it’s eyes closed on its dancing body. This was the way everyone lived a hundred years ago, and the way many Alaskans live today.

  13. How sad it is that our public is so squeamish in regards to how our food makes it to the table.

    Surely, our forebears are cringing at our metrosexualness.

    From a nation mainly of farmers and ranchers/herders to a community of the offended sensibilities. Yeah, “candy-asses” sums it up nicely.

  14. Glen Wishard@13

    Yes, again, life imitates art (of a sorts). I commented on another blog that if the MSM and the animal rights people were worried about running out of turkeys, they needn’t; there will always be plenty of them remaining in the MSM newsrooms and TV studios.

  15. It would have been much more amusing if politicians and journalists were being placed head first into the “Cone of Death”. But, alas, I guess that would be too much to ask for.

  16. This isn’t “where meat comes from” by default. Thus is the good option. The bad bad option is factory farming. That is nasty.

  17. I could’ve done without seeing the turkeys being killed, but why would anyone blame anybody other than people who (gasp) actually *made* the clip- the producer, interviewer & camera crew?

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