…You Now Own 400% Of “Prisoners Of Love…”

OK, this isn’t funny to those involved, but if you’re a Mel Brooks fan – like me – you’re laughing:

TORONTO — Two former Broadway producers have been convicted of participating in large-scale accounting fraud.

Garth Drabinsky and Myron Gottlieb co-founded one of the major Broadway theater companies in the 1990s. Livent produced hit shows such as “Ragtime” and “Showboat.”

Ontario Superior Court Justice Mary Lou Benotto made the ruling today, calling the fraud widespread.

Zero Mostel is no longer with us, but no comments from Gene Wilder yet…

One thought on “…You Now Own 400% Of “Prisoners Of Love…””

  1. Ragtime was a hit, all right, yet it somehow failed to make any money after running for 900 shows. Huge production budgets ate all the profit, they say. I guess we’ll see what the jury says. They might be doing “Springtime for Hitler” for the minimum security crowd.

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