Sunday New-Cat Blogging

So we’ve been debating getting a kitten to liven up our middle-aged cat, and decided to stop by the shelter and see when they thought they’d start getting kittens in so we could start checking them out…MISTAKE!!…HORRIBLE MISTAKE!!

Our new non-kitten cat – working name “Basement Cat” – is pictured here:

Basement Cat.JPG

…hiding under the bathroom vanity, where she has spent the last 18 hours (she did come out to eat). Our other cat is settled in under the Eames chair in the bedroom and shows no signs of coming out either.

Richard Holbrooke has been requested; we’ll let you know how it comes out.

4 thoughts on “Sunday New-Cat Blogging”

  1. Your old cat may never forgive you. Why not do it my way? I started with one cat and now have 2.5 after the next door neighbor’s cat moved in a year ago last Christmas. Another neighbor’s cat visits on occasion. My cat doesn’t mind as long as they leave her alone, but she doesn’t love ‘em either. A solitary sort, she is.

  2. When my wife and I moved into DC we initially stayed in a one bedroom apartment with our three cats.

    On day, the young girl from the apartment next door and her mother (who were from Latin America) appeared at our door with a cat in her arms. They wanted us to take the cat because they were worried that it would smother the new baby.

    Suckers, we took in the cat, now named Chiquita. Well, Chiquita, a large cat, who had once been an alley cat, promptly took over and ruled the roost. This went on for a couple of weeks with the other cats living in fear of Chiquita. There was no fighting that we could see, just intimidation.

    We came home one night and everything had changed. Sherpa, our Himalayan, was wandering around and Chiquita was nowhere to be seen.

    I bet Sherpa discovered that Chiquita had no front claws.

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