7 thoughts on “How’s That Solar System Working For You, Then??”

  1. Can you tell us how much you’re saving per month, and what it costs per month for the panels? I want some, too, but am tempted to wait a few more years for the price per watt to come down.

  2. My bills were $140 – 160/mo; the credit balance you see is because we were on ‘level pay’ at $150/mo and in the last 4 months, we’ve saved over $250. The lease cost over those 4 months was $280, so I’m out of pocket about $8/mo for the solar.

    But – I think we’re looking at big electricity price hikes, so I have now effectively hedged about half my use, and can add on to the system relatively cheaply.

    The price of systems will definitely fall – but so will the subsidies, which may be an incentive to move faster.


  3. When I read the post title, I was wonder if you were planning to move to Alpha Centauri or the Earth-like planet some scientists discovered :)

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