Quick Hits

Life has been trying to wrestle with lately – I have a cool new gig which has me buried (good news: in these times, I have a cool gig), my family has each been at points where Attention Must Be Paid (good news: that is why you have a family – to pay attention to each other…), and so blogging has suffered pretty badly.

When I think about it, there’s another reason though. I just have a worse and worse taste in my mental mouth as I think about the issues that are important to me.

I read the news and blogs every day and just feel dyspeptic. I’m honestly not sure why; what I read is (to my views) a healthy mixture of good and bad news. It’s not like I see horror on every page (like some people I know).

For me, a part of it is the fact that I keep starting Really Long things and putting them aside because I don’t have the time right now to do the topics justice.

So here’s my plan; I’m going to start throwing out short bits on these interesting-to-me (and one hopes, to you), and when I can, come back and write something resembling a real argument.


2 thoughts on “Quick Hits”

  1. I find reading the news like watching a train heading round the bend onto a washed out bridge. The engineer is blind, the fireman deaf, and the brakeman is taking a nap. Meanwhile the passengers are playing cards and feeling smug. Soon there is going to be a mess. So I’m just sitting here hoping the fallout doesn’t touch me too much.

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