Violating Your Privacy … But For A Good Cause

Work will settle down soon (it better) and I hope to get back to being a blogger (one post in the queue on how blogging has changed as it’s become professionalized and what that means to small fry amateurs like me).

But meanwhile, here’s something to occupy your time.

Lexus is going to give a car to someone who registers on a marketing site and gets the largest number of votes from other registrants (you don’t have to try for the car – you can just vote. And you can opt-out of them spamming you) – so go on over to the site and register, and then go to Captain Michael Valetta’s page and vote for him.

As he puts it in his ‘why me’ piece:

I fly Blackhawks for a living for the U.S. Army. Its a pretty sweet job, I admit, but not without its drawbacks including time in Iraq and Kuwait away from my family. My 1997 Toyota Camry with 126k miles is another unfortunate drawback. I’d sure love to leave next time knowing that my wife and our two kids are trouble-free and driving in luxury!

Go gettum…

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