Today In Iran

Check out the news…Rafsanjani criticizes the regime’s treatment of protesters, and demands that they regain the trust of the people.

We agreed that you will stop chanting. If we do not have the votes of the people behind us, we will have nothing. The guardian council, the expediency council, EVERYONE gets their legitimacy from the vote of the people.

One thought on “Today In Iran”

  1. If memory serves, we’re coming up on the 40 day anniversary of the death of Neda Agha-Soltan in just a week or so. July 30, I think.

    I have been told, but don’t really know if it’s true, that the 3-day and the 40-day anniversary of a death are culturally significant in Iran. This may be a gear-up for whatever happens on that date.

    (And of the 40-day thing is correct, I do expect something to happen. Not the death of the regime, but something.)

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