We Rabble Are Absolutely At The Gates

I’ve known Matt Burden – Blackfive, of www.blackfive.net, one of the original milblogs – pretty much since I’ve started blogging.

He’s a vet, and a tech guy, and a dad – and someone who’s always stuck me as smart, honest, energetic, and most of all, practical.

So even though our politics don’t exactly line up (remember, he’s a Republican and I’m the Armed Liberal), I was thrilled when he told me that he was thinking about running for office. I may have even made encouraging noises – possibly loud encouraging noises.

Imagine my surprise to discover this post at Blackfive. The crazy SOB is doing it. He’s running for the Illinois State Legislature.

And I think he can win. And more, that he should.

To do that, he needs your help. He needs 10,000 people (specifically, 10,000 U.S. citizens) to go to his campaign site give him at least $10. I’m in for $100. Step up, step up – and do the right thing.

Because I have this wildly optimistic idea that a whole new cohort of people are about to enter politics. People who are smart, honest, energetic, and most of all, practical. I’m hopeful that a decent number of them will be Democrats. But you know what? I’ll support them when I see them, because I’m about being in the Party of the Practical. And I’ll ask you – as strongly as I know how – to do the same thing.

Because my sons’ Republic depends on it.

4 thoughts on “We Rabble Are Absolutely At The Gates”

  1. We’re neighbors! I’m in the 13th district.

    I’m in for $50 (like to do more but i have my wedding reception to pay for this weekend). I’m going to see if I can help with the campaign too, Blackfive is the real deal.

  2. I’m hopeful that a decent number of them will be Democrats.

    To make room for decent Democrats most of the current crop will have to go, including the President. That means two elections at least, probably many more. I would enjoy the novelty of voting for a Democrat again but I don’t see that in my lifetime. The party will have to abandon its fruitcake academic base, the schools will have to improve, the MSM will have to become insolvent and die, and the politicians will have to give up the easy route of buying votes with public money before there is any hope for change. Ain’t going to happen anytime soon, but I expect there will be an enormous amount of pissing and moaning in the meantime.

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