I’m Not Typically Paranoid…

…about much. But this snippet over at Politico got my attention.

According to the documents, George Soros’ Open Society Policy Center pays the annual salary of the NIAC staffer who heads the Campaign for a New Policy on Iran, according to an email among NIAC officials. And the minutes of a series of meetings including NIAC and other coalition members offer a glimpse of the strategy and tactics involved in the push for a rapprochement with the Islamic Republic, from an attempt to undermine the appointment of Dennis Ross as Iran envoy to a planned “Send Hillary to Iran” campaign.

At some point it would be nice if there was a decent amount of transparency around what Soros is doing; if he genuinely believes in open societies, he ought to lead it, but since he doesn’t – perhaps a decent journalistic project would be to connect the dots and create a map of his involvement in US and foreign affairs.

My hackles go up not only because of the notion that a reclusive, ideological billionaire has decided to reshape the American polity, but because that billionaire makes his billions in part by investing based on changes in international markets – which are in turn effected by national and international politics.

To the extent that Mr. Soros’ engagement is transparent, and we can demonstrate a lack of linkage to his investment activities, good for him.

Otherwise I feel a bit like we’re in Al Gore’s world where as a political actor he drums up demand for products that he sells.

8 thoughts on “I’m Not Typically Paranoid…”

  1. Ask the Bank of England, or anyone who took a bath when the Thai Baht tanked, whether worrying about Soros meddling is your politics is paranoid.

  2. This foreign-born billionaire currency manipulator is one of the greatest Trojan horses in history. He is transforming our society to his liking by operating below the radar, if you want to call the toothless and compromised media the radar. Would anyone be surprised to learn he’s also secretly propping up the failing NYT in return for . . . well, you figure it out.

  3. Those who voted for Obama should be thrilled that Soros is getting his way. Only a blind voter could not have seen the very close relationship to Obama and Soros. Since Soros is one of the most frequent visitors to the White House these days, I am pretty certain he’s getting his way. Oh, one other thing. Soros does not care about you or what you think.

  4. First a journalist should start by realizing Soros’s Quantum Fund and his other similar funds are offshore funds with foreign investors. These funds cannot have any US citizens other than the general partner(s) as a partner in the funds. Since these were formed before a change in US tax law, Soros’s share of the profits of those funds annually – somewhere between 20 and 30% of the profits as well as any gains on those profits left in the funds are exempt from US taxes. Thus Soros pays and has not paid any US taxes on the bulk of his wealth. Has the money he has contributed to these organizations ever been taxed in the US? Start asking those questions and go from there.

  5. Eventually– no thanks to our current press– it will come to be realized that Soros is a sort of modern Basil Zaharoff, not selling arms to each side, but manipulating political events in the same way for purposes of his own which have nothing to do with the benefit of the nations or people involved, but make him immensely wealthy and allow him to dress it up cynically in the language of freedom and democracy.

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