Raised By Wolves?

An email to my shooting list:

Went to Disney Hall downtown last night to hear Dudamel conduct and Dawn Upshaw sing …

We’re sitting in the grown-up section, where tickets are $125 each; and TG and I spent the first half of the program shutting people up.

WHAT THE F***?? Were these people raised by wolves?

So I’m wondering if a silenced Colt Woodsman, shooting subsonic ammo, aimed just above the knee would be too noisy to use in that environment…(not really, but thinking about it is making me feel better).

I can excuse the couple in back of us who had never been to a concert before (date between a 45 year old guy and a 20 year old girl…), and who clammed up immediately on my giving him a “shhh”.

But the guy who was HUMMING Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony until I jabbed him in the leg with my program?

The guy who was talking to his twenty-something son in a stage whisper for half the show until I confronted him at intermission?

Seriously, people…I may have to stop going to classical concerts and go back to hard rock…it’s bad for my stress levels.


One reply sent me a link for tranquilizer darts that can be used in blowguns…hmmmm….

4 thoughts on “Raised By Wolves?”

  1. The Colt would be too noisy. But IED land mine jammers will very effectively silence cellphones in their radius. We got along for many decades without cell phones in public places during performances. Going back to that standard appeals to me rather strongly.

    As for the rest, I’m surprised no wolf-lovers have chimed in yet to note that wolf packs follow pretty tight rules and codes of behavior. Your fellow audience members were pretty certainly not raised by wolves – their sense of their proper role and rules of conduct isn’t good enough for that.

    For those about to rock… we salute you!

  2. Joe, that’s a good point. I remember hearing once that wolves (and dogs) have a strong sense of fairness and don’t resent you for disciplining them if they broke the rules. Humans, on the other hand, …

  3. I was in a theater once when a character wouldn’t stop talking and this monstrous guy in the row in front of him pulled him over the seats and screamed in his face that if he didn’t shut the f… up he would beat his face to a bloody pulp.

    He got a very loud ovation and cheers and the maneuver was extremely effective.

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