Look Closely…

I have a friend named Tony who is a – dedicated doesn’t cut it, he’s a fanatical – motorcycle rider. He’s famous for riding to San Francisco from Los Angeles and back for lunch. He’s never owned a car. He motorcycles or bicycles to work.

Here’s his motorcycle somewhere in Northern California where he’s off on a trip:


He doesn’t like stopping much, so he’s added an auxiliary gas tank to the back of the bike – it’s that aluminum drum you see. But he’s also got a wicked sense of humor – check it out more closely:


…yes, it says “Pabst Blue Ribbon“…

If you see him, wave and smile – he’s having a great time and it’s a proven fact that the more people are out there having a great time, the happier we all become.

One thought on “Look Closely…”

  1. These little touches of style and humor help to make life worthwhile.

    I also think they have an under-rated part in forming the character of a free people. You shouldn’t have to worry about the latest heroic socialist anti-drinking campaign, or whether sharia don’t like it, or the sour expression of some would-be arbiter of what’s a good example for the children. You should act like you’re living in a free country and freedom is sweet.

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