Hey, Atrios

Hey, dude – a quick primer. Ugly domestic politics != (geek for Does Not Equal) Gulags. The fact that you think they do – and that for much of the radical left they do – is the core of the moral blindness that’s going to keep you out of power for the next decade, and hand the keys to the country to the Right.

Unless people like Michael Totten and Marc Brazeau can manage to take control of the Democratic Party.

JK: What Duranty covered up wasn’t just Gulags – it was Stalin’s genocide of 4-10 million people. For more on real Gulgas today, meanwhile, see P.’s North Korea post. Oddly, Atrios doesn’t seem too worked up about that. Or about Duranty, for that matter. I’m sure his link to a Communist magazine as his preferred source today is just a coincidence….

2 thoughts on “Hey, Atrios”

  1. He might not be in power any time soon, but he can raise enough cash from his readers to buy a new laptop in like a day. Thinking things through is for suckers. Chicken Little gets the scratch!

  2. The truth doesn’t mean anything to the radical left. The Angry Left is getting out of control, and this next election is going to be vicious. I read Atrios’s site just to see what the Angry Left is thinking. Atrios recently linked to an article that said there were NO connections between al-qaeda and Iraq, even though I have found some already. The truth is a casualty of politics.

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