OK, This Is Just Funny

Someone hacked the Revolution Islam site – the one that threatened the South Park team over the latest episodes:


Ridicule is absolutely the correct response, and while I generally disapprove of hacking – I’ll make an exception here.

5 thoughts on “OK, This Is Just Funny”

  1. I thought about suggesting a caption contest for the picture of the imam mouth-kissing the schoolboy, but on second thought I would like to strongly discourage any such contest.

  2. revolutionmuslim.com is back up, and with comments enabled. Notwithstanding their protestations that they were simply “warning, and not threatening”, some of the comments make it pretty clear that some folks understood otherwise…

    So, given the relatively low-res, low-tech nature of S.P., why aren’t there dozens of S.P. imitators/defenders posting their versions of “the missing footage” all over, (properly protected from threats of infringement suits by appropriate disclaimers)? Campus artists? Your best please! Sophomoric? You bet! Isn’t that how sophomores are supposed to be?

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