…And Then There’s Unintentional Irony

Which is often the best kind of all.

Matty Yglesias – he of the long slog through progressive publications and think tanks to his current position as a paid shill for George Soros talks about ‘The Cushy Life of the Rightwinger‘:

One thread of the argument I’m personally interested in, however, is Goldberg’s apparent belief that it’s somehow extremely difficult for a young conservative with orthodox views “to break-in at places like NR, the Weekly Standard, the Wall Street Journal, etc.” One could be snide and observe that the very fact that Jonah Goldberg (!) was able to break into those venues is indication enough that it’s in fact quite easy, but to be fair to other National Review writers when you’re talking about a case that extreme you actually do need a boost from nepotism.

…I’d say the absence of a self-reflective ability – at all (as shown in this piece) is the biggest gap (of many) in MY’s intellectual armor.

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