The Muquama On Journalism – A Must-Read

Abu Mookie (Andrew Exum) has about the best, clearest, explanation of what blogging means to the practice of journalism that I’ve ever seen (and I read most of that stuff):

You want to hasten the end of your industry? Then by all means, keep doing what you’re doing: consider yourself unaccountable and scoff at the blogosphere. Yes, I understand bloggers are changing the newspaper industry in fundamental ways. (Ezra Klein, to use one example, does not blog with the same tradition of objectivity in which the Washington Post’s print journalists report. How that changes the culture of the newsroom, then, is interesting.) But if you think you don’t need to answer to bloggers, some of whom have spent years doing field research or working in Central Asia and now blog as a hobby, the invisible hand of the market is going to find you out. And before you know it, you’ll have taken a buy-out from the New York Times and be teaching creative writing in Maryland. And, let’s face it, probably blogging on the side.


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