Heading To Japan

So we’re heading to Japan for a bit on Monday.

Blogging will obviously be low for a few weeks (OK, it’s already been low, I’m hoping my batteries will be recharged when I’m back and it will get better).

We’ll be visiting TG’s family in Tokyo, Hiroshima (go Carps!! – we’ll catch a game while there), Miyashima (and the tram), Okayama and the Musashi museum, Kyoto, the Five Fuji lakes, and back to Tokyo with a possible side trip up to Takayama.

I’m working on a piece on Afghanistan – it’s depressing and so hard to do – tied to the excellent film Restrepo, the McCrystal flap, the Yon/milblogs flap, and On Strategy – to me somehow they all are hanging together in one pattern…if only I can get it down in words.

Meanwhile, as always, be nice to each other and don’t blow anything up while I’m gone.

5 thoughts on “Heading To Japan”

  1. I saw them; I’ve got a short list of things to read underneath them, but I think it’s more likely that we’re seeing institutional jockeying than any substantive change in or validation of the quality of the work.

    I remain in the ‘interesting but unproven’ category on AGW and much more interested in substantive energy policy changes based on realistic political and technical goals. It’s possible that there’s new news here which will change that, and if so, I’ll say so loudly.

    If you’ve got anything particularly dispositive, link it here and I’ll be sure to check it out.


  2. Sigh. Sadly it would involve getting on the wrong train from Okayama (the little local trains aren’t English-friendly at all), getting massively lost (no cell coverage for Google Maps and my GPS was basically useless), having TG slip into the gap between the station and train when we changed trains to try and get unlost, and finally giving up and going back to Okayama to have a car drive us…only to find out that we couldn’t get there, spend any time, and get to Kyoto in time to check into our ryokan…what a frustrating day (the first of the trip).


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