Happy New Year

I’ve been the Absent Blogger lately, and the Management is working to see what it can do about that for the coming year.

But I didn’t want New Year’s to pass without sharing a greeting, and expressing how happy and relieved I am that 2010 – a year of loss, risk, and fear for so many – that our family was truly lucky and blessed.

This picture – our Christmas card for the year – says it all.


The photographer, Stephanie Pullman, did a number of portraits of the boys when they were very young. I happened to run into her at a Long Beach Opera performance, and amazingly she recognized me.

It was that kind of year for us, and I hope that the luck we’ve had this year will continue into the next.

And I hope that each of you is as fortunate in the ways that matter to you.

Happy New Year, and lift a mug of coffee to absent companions.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. I LOVE the Christmas card! I have it hanging on my board in my office. Lovely photograph, and what a rare thing it was to have the whole crew in one place!

  2. Guys, come on. At least get rid of the spam. The place really does look shuttered when it’s allowed to stay.

  3. Stephanie Pullman is a talented man. I never heard of him before, but the emotions on the photo are alive indeed. Best regards

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